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Is your vehicle's engine running properly? Does your car engine need tuning? 
Turn to Jim Parkes Tuning to help fix your
vehicle's engine issues and get your car in great working condition. 
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Professional mechanic to look after your car's engine

With over 40 years of experience in engine tuning Jim Parkes Tuning offer a mobile engine tuning and fault diagnosis service in Sheffield, visiting either your home or office to work on your engine. Jim Parkes uses the latest equipment to carry out fault finding and engine diagnostics on all makes and models of car.

If your car pre-dates computerised engine management systems, Jim Parkes Tuning has the skills to work on your classic car engine and help get it back to peak performance. Jim Parkes has extensive experience working on a wide range of modern and classic vehicles. 

If you say to yourself  "my engine's not running right" call Jim Parkes Tuning to fix it.
Phone: 555-555-5555

Our engine diagnostic services at a glance

  • Home or office visits
  • Mobile engine tuning and fault diagnosis
  • Fuel injection and engine management
  • Classic cars
  • Emissions set for MOT
  • Carburettor tuning
  • Call out and start service
  • Service light reset
  • Key coding
  • Airbag diagnosis

Choose us if you are looking for:

engine tuning
  • 40 years' qualified experience
  • Personalised service where we come to you
  • Written guarantee
  • Call-out and start service
We provide our service primarily in Sheffield, also covering areas of Rotherham and Chesterfield. 
Phone: 555-555-5555

Benefit from expert diagnostics 

Jim Parkes Tuning is an expert who can help solve your car engine tuning concerns. We can also help other garages if they need assistance with older cars and fixing their engines. We can do a thorough job of identifying the exact issue and providing you with tailored solutions. Our vehicle diagnostic services provide you with high-quality work at affordable prices, keeping your budget in mind. Call us today.
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